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— Clare Nickson, Regina
Menosan is the only medication that helps me forget about symptoms of menopausal syndrome without causing other symptoms. I have been using it for about 5 years now. It relieves every other symptom I can connect with menopause - hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings and insomnia, etc. This medication contains natural ingredients only and therefore it effectively calms down our hormones. Recently I have tried to stop using Menosan and my symptoms came right back. I regularly order it from this online pharmacy and I really enjoy the level of service you guys provide.
— Gloria Travis, LA
I started experiencing menopausal symptoms about six years ago. Three years later I had undergone a hysterectomy and my symptoms started to decrease. But they didn't disappear completely - I still have mood swings, hot flashes and other sensations. Then a friend of mine recommended me to try out Menosan for its being a Himalaya herbal medication based on natural ingredients only. I gave it a try and the results were amazing! No more hot flashes or night sweats, I can sleep through the night and do not have panic attacks. I have far more energy. I would recommend the medication to other women with menopausal syndrome.
— Elizabeth O'Hara, Edmonton
I've had 2 experiences in my struggle with menopause symptoms - one with a prescription medication and 1 with herbal Menosan. The first medication made me anxious, easily irritable and easy to panic. After a visit to my doctor I was put on Menosan, as it's mild and allergens free. It was much better. I do find Menosan more effective in my case than the prescription drug I have been taking before. It is very convenient that I can order the medication online and have it delivered to the address I state as I do not really have time to go to a local drugstore or can simply forget it. I always prefer to do my shopping in the internet if I have a chance. So thank you for the great medication and speedy delivery!
— Katelyn Miers, Delaware
I started to have hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and panic attacks about a year ago. I do not consider menopause to be an illness so I do not think we should poison our bodies with generic medications. When there is an opportunity to take in less chemicals we should use it. So to relieve my menopause symptoms I chose Himalaya herbal medication - Menosan. After 6 weeks of use I have no more hot flashes, and the mood swings are much milder. I think this drug will continue showcasing its effectiveness and soon I will forget about mood swings at all. This is a wonderful solution for women whose menopause is connected with a splash of allergic reactions, just like my best friend's menopause. I also recommended her to try Menosan and now she's like in heaven - no allergy, no menopause syndrome. Everything is gonna be fine, just don't stop looking for your ideal!

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