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Nicorette Gum helps to relieve cravings and quit smoking completely.

There are 10 gums in each pack.

Nicorette Gum provides a controlled amount of nicotine to your system at a slower, less intense pace than cigarettes and without the toxins in cigarette smoke. It's a temporary therapeutic aid that reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps you quit smoking. Your body gradually adjusts to having less nicotine until you no longer need any. By helping to relieve cravings, Nicorette lets you focus on disrupting the patterns that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities.

Nicorette Gum is also used to help smokers who need to temporarily stop smoking e.g. on long air flights. Nicorette Gum can also help reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked in smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit.


The amount of Nicorette Gum you chew each day depends on your former smoking habits. Usually, it is recommended that a piece of Nicorette should be used when the urge to smoke is felt.

About 8 to 12 chewing gums, of either the 2 mg or 4 mg strength, each day will be adequate. No more than 24 gums should be used daily.

It is important that you use Nicorette Gum for long enough to help overcome your dependence on cigarettes. Normally this period will be at least 3 months. Then you can start to slowly wean yourself from using the gum. When you are only using 1 to 2 chewing gums each day, then you can stop the treatment.


Do not use Nicorette Gum if:

you are pregnant or intend to become pregnant
you are breast-feeding or intend to breast-feed
you have had a recent heart attack or stroke
you have heart disease such as palpitations (fast or irregular heart beats) or uncontrolled angina (chest pain)
you are a non-smoker
you are under 18 years old
you are allergic to nicotine or are sensitive to any components of the chewing gum.


Active ingredient: nicotine-resin complex.

Other ingredients: chewing gum base, sorbitol powder, sorbitol 70%, flavour for smoker, haverstroo flavour, sodium carbonate anhydrous, and glycerol 85%.

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