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— Dixy Robbins, Edmonton
I had been constipated for the past 4 days, the sensations were unbearable, I felt like there were stones in my bowel and they were destroying me from the inside. however I am allergic to many medications and after a consultation with my doctor I decided to try out Lactulose Solution. This product works milder than many other constipation meds, it is a solution and therefore is quick to absorb and provide the expected effect. Well, Lactulose Solution provided exactly the effect I needed, approximately one hour after I took it I felt the first bowel movements and then they came again. It was a great relief and I think that the medication is wonderful for the purpose. No I have it at home just in case. You never know how your body reacts to some new food, especially if you have allergy. I also heard that this medication is very beneficial for people with liver disease as it is designed to fine-tune certain digestive processes and therefore relieve the liver, something like that. I do recommend it for constipation sufferers; however it is always better to consult your doctor first.
— Charles Trump, Miami
I am an unlucky person with chronic constipation. I can't express how annoying this health condition is. I have to observe the food I take inn, the amount of food I consume and the combination of the components - fat, fiber, protein and so on in order not to gain problems with stool for a week or so. I know a lot of interesting things about constipation medications and I have a list of my favorites that help me when I need help, what happens quite often in spite of my efforts. Different meds provide different effects. Anyway I do my best not to neglect my constipation, so most often I use the medications for mild constipation symptoms and in this case I prefer Lactulose Solution. This is a wonderful product, works quickly and flawlessly, no side effects, what is quite unusual for this class of meds. Many of other drugs I tried caused fatigue, dizziness and in most cases diarrhea, especially if you are not very careful with the dosage. Lactulose Solution never caused me a single problem and I order it over and over when I run out of the med. I usually order meds on this online drugstore and I am 100% satisfied with the service level and medications quality. Check it out if you still stand long queues in local drugstores.
— Harry Miles, Providence
I am not really prone to constipation, but sometimes my stomach and bowel play dirty tricks on my. So last year during my trip to Italy I got constipated for five days and that was absolutely horrible from the side of my body to spoil such a wonderful gastronomical experience. I understand that may be I had too much of new untried food, but everything was so tasty and attractive that I couldn't stop. And even when I was constipated I felt urge to keep eating in spite of the problems I had. Actually it took me 6 days to go to the toilet and leave my problems there. And I don't know what the consequences could be if it weren't for high quality medications. Unfortunately I couldn't foresee such a scenario and had no meds on me. Luckily my partner turned out to be a very perspicacious person and he had a constipation medication with him. It was Lactulose Solution. I have never heard about this medication before. It is very effective and safe, at least I had no side effects and no signs of complications with it. Lactulose Solution relieved my condition in a matter of two hours. I took some more of the solution afterwards to make sure I don't get constipated again. And thanks to this wonderful medication I was again ready to enjoy Italian cuisine.

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