Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine Testimonials

— Bob Preston, Santa Fe
I have been using Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine every day to wash my hair and now I can clearly see the difference. In fact it is the only shampoo that really suits my hair type. Before I have been using many different shampoos, expensive salon products, medical shampoos, different hair masks aimed to eliminate all the problems in less than one week, and so on. But nothing actually helped - my hair looked dull, untidy and slipshod. I was already prepared to give up my efforts and put up with bad hair as a dirty trick that nature played on me when my wife bought Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine for herself and put it in our bathroom. I started to use it without any hope, just because I've run out of my shampoo. Imagine my astonishment when in two weeks I saw in the mirror that my hair looked not worse than that of models in TV ads! That was a shock; I didn't even understand at one what the reason was. Then I went to the bathroom and started investigating the bottle with the shampoo. Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine turned out to be a product by Himalaya herbal. I know that this company produces cosmetic products and medications using natural ingredients mainly. We have several other products by HH at home and they are good as well. But the shampoo became my favorite! Now I am using the third bottle and I'm not going to stop.
— Henrietta D., Tucson
Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine is the only shampoo that is really effective for hair that is dry at the tips and oily at the roots. I have tried many but only Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine provided me with the effect I has been seeking for - shiny hair that remains clean and tender for a long time. This shampoo is one of Himalaya herbal products, it means that the shampoo is made on the basis of natural ingredients and uses the qualities of carefully selected plants and herbs - rosemary, chickpea and other wonderful gifts of nature. Using other shampoos I had to wash my hair everyday, otherwise it would look ugly and I would feel uncomfortable. But with Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine I wash my hair once in three days and all this time my hair is soft and bright, without any signs of oiliness. What I like most is the unique combination of wonderful quality of the product and affordable price. Himalaya herbal creates outstanding cosmetics and meds that are not expensive but provide best possible results.
— Alicia Stone, Edmonton
I am thirty years of age and two years ago I gave birth to my son. Before that amazing period in my life I could boast of wonderful hair, it was long, silky and shiny. But soon after the delivery I noticed that my hair started to fall out and the intensity increased. At first I thought that was a temporary problem and soon that will stop when my body adapts to the changes. But in approximately two months when I lost a lot of hair and couldn't look into the mirror without tears I decided that it was time to do something. I read lots of articles, some of them persuaded that it was a natural process and the hair that was falling out was just the hair that failed to fall out during pregnancy, but I was nearly bold - that was unacceptable and definitely not natural. I started using hair masks and conditioners; changed dozens of shampoos and finally I found products that helped me stop my hair from falling out and also helped me restore the way I looked before. These products are from Himalaya herbal cosmetic line - mask, conditioner and Protein Shampoo Softness & Shine. This combination helped me a lot and now I am on my way back to amazing hair.

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