Protektor Spray Testimonials

— Eva Parker, Chicago
I have a Chihuahua for 2 years now. When I bought the little puppy it was just an instant desire, I haven't spent too much time analyzing the pro and contras of having a dog. Well, this is a very small dog of course, but still it has all the problems other dogs have. But at that time having a dog seemed to be pure fun for me. Now I wish I was more reasonable and probably I'd rather not to have the dog. But when my friends ask me, I always tell them it is greatest fun and the dog creates absolutely no additional problems for me. in fact the most frequently arising question is fleas. I hate insects at all and insects that bite me are absolutely unacceptable. So, when my doggy first got fleas I was in panic. Then I learnt how to struggle with the little parasites, though it took me some time to find an effective solution. Now I use Protektor Spray every time my dog runs away or meets some unknown dogs or cats in the street. Protektor Spray is great and very helpful. It is easy to administer and cheap in comparison to many other antiparasitic agents on the market.
— Melinda Jackson, Salt Lake City
Last year I nearly lost my Golden Retriever Darsy after an unsuccessful trip to the mountains. It was not the first time we took the dog to the mountains but this time we were unlucky enough to get into the place where our dog was attacked by ticks. We spent several hours collecting the insects from the dog's hair but it turned out that we missed one or two. And when the parasites got deep into the dog's skin it was already too dangerous to simply take them away. The blood could have got infected. The dog became passive, it whined a lot and we understood it was high time to provide medical aid to her. So after the vet took out the ticks and applied some medication, we asked him to offer some effective medication to prevent further problems with ticks. He advised us to use Protektor Spray as it was very effective not only with ticks but with fleas and other skin parasites as well. We bought the medication immediately as we live in the country and we didn't want our dog to suffer any more. Since that time there was not a single case of any problems with insects.
— Terence Wallace, Vancouver
I use Protektor Spray to protect my two dogs and a cat from parasites like ticks and fleas, what is the most common problem among all pet owners. Protektor Spray is very easy to administer - it is to be sprayed over the animal's hair and it is not absorbed into the body, so there is no chance for your pet to get poisoned by the active agents of the medication. Besides the medication is not washed away after the pet swims in the water or when you give it a bath. And what is the most pleasant characteristic - the effect lasts for about a month, so you do not have to use it too often. From my own experience I can say that Protektor Spray is really very effective at killing pet parasites. To make it obvious I will tell you that once one of my dogs ran away and I found him in a week with a group of stray dogs. And I was surprised to find that there were no fleas or other parasites on my dog's hair. It goes without saying that I applied Protektor Spray on the dog's coat some time before it ran away. This speaks volumes about the quality of this medication, to my mind. Check out yourself!

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