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— Trevor Simmons, LA
Tonight I took my first dose Viagra capsules shortly before I planned to have sex, and it worked absolutely fantastically! I had a hearty supper and probably that is why the drug took some time to work, but then I couldn't believe my eyes! Both me and my partner were amazed by the results and decided to try it again with Viagra capsules. I have never tried any other medication with similar effect. Multiple erections are really possible!
— William T., Colorado Springs
I have been having serious problems with erection and sex in general since I got into a car crash and had slightly damaged my spine. So since that time I have tried almost every medication on the market that claimed to produce any effect on lazy penis. The majority of the meds were pure waste of money, other produced the desirable effect which disappeared with the third or fourth dose. I needed something effective and long-lasting. And I found Viagra capsules - an ideal solution for me! Erection is strong and prolonged, just what I need!!
— Fred Palmers
Due my severe hypertension and the amount of blood pressure drugs I take, I should be very careful with erectile dysfunction medications because they may affect my blood pressure and bring irreparable harm to my health. I tried Viagra Capsules a few weeks ago. Since that time I take it every time I need sexual support and haven't faced any complications or something. The erection is irreproachably firm and lasting.
— Greg Charlton, Wichita
I am now 65 and I still want to have sex occasionally. Unfortunately our bodies get older much quicker than our souls. So I can't maintain erections hard enough to have sex and I need some medication that will bring this simple pleasure back into my life. My wife came across Viagra Capsules advertising in the newspaper and ordered the drug. It changed the whole concept of sex for me. It's not an exhausting exercise any more. It is pleasure just the way it was when 21 years old!

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