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— Tom Farley, Berkley
At the age of 37, I was diagnosed with diabetes. And as a 'traditional' consequence I gradually developed erectile dysfunction. Trying hard to overcome the problem with the help of lest problematic means, I have tried a lot of funny stuff including vacuum pump, shots, suppositories and finally oral medications. Vacuum pump was great fun, the whole procedure looked so ridiculous that both me and my wife couldn't help laughing to tears, then we put it aside forever. I also declined suppositories as I couldn't get along with the idea. So I stopped on oral medications as the most acceptable solution for me with all my fears. But there were quite other problems with oral medications - most of them caused me an upset stomach. Then I heard about Silvitra through a friend. The next day I made an appointment with my doctor. He approved my choice and I started on Silvitra next week. I have been taking this medication for more than 4 months now and it works perfectly well. I have no more stress or worries. The drug provides me with excellent erection every time, anywhere. And diabetes is no longer a reason to refuse from sex. Guaranteed.
— Simon Baker, NY
I am now a 54 year old man. The erectile dysfunction that I have been suffering from was so destroying for our marriage that my wife started talking about divorce. Cause for her it was a sudden stress that our sexual life ended 'without a reason' after long years of ideal relationship. She was sure that the reason was another woman. And it was damn hard to persuade her that I had no one. After a consultation with my doctor he prescribed me with a medication but that wouldn't work, then there was another prescription but that caused side effects, then another which was helpless with my ED and so on. Recently I have came across Silvitra advertising and I decided to try the med out as they say it is a combination of two best ED drugs. I take a pill of Silvitra every time I am going to have sex with my wife and every time the effect is amazing - hard erection, long-lasting excitement, and unbelievable sensations. My wife is happy now and she trusts me, I can feel it. For me Silvitra is the number 1 medication as it brought me back my sexual performance, saved my marriage and created no additional problems, as side effects or complications. I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from ED as I did.
— Adam H., Massachusetts
Not so long ago, actually about two years, I stepped into my 30's and since that time I am shocked to admit that I no longer have that sexual interest I used to have towards my opposite sex. I came to this sad conclusion after many tries and failures. I cannot even tell for sure how many girlfriends I have failed to have sex with during these two years; undoubtedly more than I have succeeded with. This is also the reason why I have no stable girlfriend. They need sex but I can't provide this ona regular basis. But please do not think that I have changed my preferences, men do not attract me at all. I love girls but I feel no more sexual excitement when I desperately need it. I did not know what I should do. I used to get awfully embarrassed when I couldn't achieve erection. I have read a lot on the internet about erectile dysfunction and medications used to treat it. I finally made my choice and ordered Silvitra. Good news started when the medication was delivered to my door next evening. It is really very convenient to order drugs from this website. Then I tried out the pills and was surprised as well - my erection was back and ready to help me have normal sex whenever I needed it.
— Brian McConnaught, NH
At school and later at college I used to be a keen football player. I never dreamt about a career in football, but I was in the team and was quite successful. However once during the match I got badly kicked by another player when fighting for the ball. It was my unlucky day as his leg got into rough contact with my testicles and penis. I don't have to explain how painful it was, but what is still sadder is that afterwards I have had constant problems with my erection and even my sperm is not of the best quality. I haven't yet decided to have kids as I am yet 34 but I do hope there will not be too many problems when my time comes. However currently I face constant problems with sexual performance. My doctor told me that my erectile dysfunction is caused by the testicles trauma. Because of traumatized blood vessels the blood flow to the penis is insufficient and that is why I can not always develop erection stable and long-lasting enough for a sexual intercourse. And in order to have normal sex I have to take some stimulating medications. I have chosen for me Silvitra, which is a combination of Viagra and Levitra and therefore I get the combined effect of the two excellent ED medications. Every time I am about to have sex with my girlfriend I take one pill of Silvitra and in less than 10 minutes I am all ready. My erection is strong and steady, besides I feel much more confident about my sexual power and abilities. This wonderful drug has never let me down and I am very satisfied with it.
— Liam Perkins, TX
I am 29 years of age and I use Silvitra to increase my sexual performance on a regular basis. Actually I know that my disorder has psychological nature at the ground, but the funny trick is that only serious erectile dysfunction medication can help me solve these problems. It all started after one of my first sexual intercourses in my youth, when I was too drunk to have normal erection and the girl told all my college friends about that the next morning. That was horrible shame for me, all college students mocked at me and played dirty tricks for long months afterwards. Since that time I can not have erection on my own, without any pills or medications. What is sad that quickly I develop addiction to such meds and in a month or two I have to look for another ED remedy. However with Silvitra everything is a bit different. It provides me with excellent sexual performance and helps me forget about my complex and problems. And I have been using it for more than 4 months mow and haven't noticed a single sign of addiction or decrease in Silvitra effectiveness. This medication provides me with everything I need and I strongly hope it will stay as effective as it is.
— Harry Nixon, Dallas
Silvitra helps me a lot with my erectile dysfunction problems. I have been taking it regularly for 5 month already and I am absolutely happy with this medication. It has no side effects, at least I haven't noticed any. While with other ED meds that I have tried before I experienced horrible complications at times, e.g. nausea, dizziness in the morning after taking a pill or blurred vision right after the sexual intercourse. All that is not really pleasant and that is why I was so glad when I found Silvitra that produces no such additional problems for me. But the main thing is that the medication is fairly effective in reducing my impotence symptoms like decrease in sexual vigor and stamina, unstable erection, problems with longevity and low interest in sex. Silvitra has the power of two highly popular erectile dysfunction meds - Viagra and Levitra - in one single pill. It increases the blood flow to the penis and in a matter of minutes my penis is hard and the erection lasts long. i can see real changes for the better as with Silvitra I can have a longer-lasting and more enjoyable experience. Besides I feel more confident of my masculinity. The medication has never let me down and I would recommend it to other people with the same problems.

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