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— Jennifer K., Prince Rupert
I saw a TV ad of Maxman about a month ago and decided to give it a chance. I ordered 1 pack of the medication from the online shop and it has been more than two weeks now since we started using it. The thing is that my boyfriend is absolutely against all sort of meds like Viagra or Cialis 'cause he's sure the effect is temporary and later when aging the 'victims' have much more serious problems with erections than they could have if didn't take Viagra. But he leads a sedentary way of life and sometimes it is not easy to turn him on. And then he has to think out reasons, like 'I have eaten too much' or 'it was a hard day'. And then we both feel uneasy, so I decided we need some gentle medication to help us boost the desire. What is great about Maxman is that it is absolutely harmless to your health due to its herbal nature. It works mildly but it is effective in boosting men's power. We like it and we'd buy another pack soon.
— Gregory T., Chicago
I tried out Maxman because I love trying something new. This medication is not that reactive as Viagra but it works for it's purpose 100%. I naturally feel myself in a much better form now, I can have sex for a long period of time and my erection is stronger. I have been using it for 2 weeks only so I can't say for sure if my penis got somewhat bigger or longer, but I will provide another review in a month to keep you guys informed. Currently I'm absolutely happy with MaxMan, I'm not worried about the side effects cause a herbal medication is less likely to have them than other stronger drugs. So if you're hesitating - just try it, it will bring no harm!
— Mike Walters, Chesterfield
I have been taking Maxman for two months now. To tell you the truth, it was my girlfriend who talked me into it. I am 31 and I don't think I need such medications as erectile dysfunction treatment and penis enlargement. I lead an active way of life and if I feel my erection is no longer the same, I'll do more sports or change something in my diet, but I don't want start taking strong generic medications. But she said we need to try something new. She spent several month on persuading me. And then finally found this Maxman. I agreed 'cause the med seems to be of herbal components only and it simply stimulates the inflow of blood to the penis. I'm ok with the result, now we can have better sex even if I'm tired. As for penis enlargement qualities... I wouldn't say that, but she says it became bigger and she enjoys it more now. Let it be. What is amazing is that now I can go on for a long time without getting exhausted that easily as before. And my erection is much stronger. Sometimes when I had a stressful day I couldn't think about sex, but now I'm ready regardless of time of day and other factors. My orgasms are more intensive now as well. So I would say this medication is an ideal solution for those thinking about their future and not only one-minute effect they produce on females.

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