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— Brenda Whitehall, LA
I am a 58 year-old female. About three years ago I have been diagnosed with glaucoma. Actually it was quite predictable as my mother also suffered from this illness in her elderly years. However it was a hard blow for me as I can't imagine my life without good vision. Having retired I spent all my free time reading newspapers and books. I love detective stories and can't go to bed without night reading. So after the first shock I started to look for a solution. My doctor prescribed me with several medications, he also named a number of other drugs I could check out. I have tried many eye drops and vitamins. Some of them were pretty good, others caused itching and burning - I was afraid I'll lose my eyesight at once. So I tried new and new drugs until one day I was lucky enough to find Betagan Ophthalmic Solution. These drops are extremely effective in reducing pressure in my eyes according to my ophthalmologist. And they cause no nasty sensations, what is great relief after many other drugs. I would recommend this medication to others who suffer from glaucoma.
— Rachel M., Delaware
It is my mom for whom I usually buy Betagan Ophthalmic Solution. She has been suffering from glaucoma for more than 6 years now. And the doctors advised her to avoid unnecessary pressure on her eyes, so she almost doesn't watch TV, doesn't use computer at all and tries to read as little as possible. May be that is too much, but it helps her feel she does the best she can to preserve her eyesight and prolong the time she can see the beauty of this world in full volume. So I do all the internet shopping for her, including shopping for drugs. Before she used to switch frequently from one glaucoma treatment to another. She couldn't find a medication that would answer her needs. They either produces poor results on her eye pressure or caused unpleasant sensations. But now she has been using Betagan for more than half a year and she seems to be absolutely happy with it. The doctor says it showcases outstanding effectiveness in her case and she experiences no side effects. That is amazing!
— Morgan K., Houston
I have been prescribed with Betagan to control the pressure in my eyes. The doctor diagnosed me with chronic open angle glaucoma. So I have to make efforts to reduce my eye pressure every day. That is not very convenient but this is the condition for me to continue seeing this world. So I had to give up. It took me years to find a medication that wouldn't make my eyes fall out and that would really decrease my eye pressure. With Betagan I get all I need and nothing more. It seems to be the most acceptable solution to my problems. The medication is not too expensive what is also important when you're doomed to use it till the very end. However I still hope that one day they will invent an opportunity to get me rid of glaucoma completely. I'm 56, who knows, they have plenty of time left.

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