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— William Baldwin, Idaho Falls
I used to be an ailing child and now, as a grown up man, I also can not boast of excellent health and immune system. Every winter I'm sure to catch a cold several times and I have running nose almost all the time. Even in summer I can fall ill if I spend too much time near an AC or on a draught. Therefore Antibiotics have always been a very special type of drugs for me - most frequently bought and most frequently disappointing. The thing is that usually the medications were effective just the first time I took them and afterwards the effect was considerably less noticeable if there was any effect at all. But I am an optimist and always hope for the better. That is why my expectations were rewarded when I came across Amoxicillin tablets. This antibiotic is exceptional for me, simple and effective. No side effects. But what is most important for me is that I have been using it for three months already and every time the effect is absolutely the same as it was very first time. What I like most in this drug is that it removes all the symptoms I have when I catch a cold in less than 10 minutes - no fever, no headache and no excessive sweating. So in other words I would recommend this antibiotic to everyone.
— Melissa W., Lloydminster
I am 34 and I have two children. The climate in the city where we live is rather harsh and colds and flus are common guests in our house. My kids are very active and sometimes it is really impossible to control the way they are dressed on the street and the games they play. As a result we often come home with running noses, sore throats and other bacterial infection symptoms. That is why effective antibiotic is one of the most commonly used and most important drugs in our family medicine chest. Some two or three months ago a friend of mine who is also a mother advised me to try Amoxicillin tablets as a quality antibiotic she uses every time her kids have infections. I tried it and the results surpassed my expectations. It is safe for children but effective enough for adults as well. Now when my kids fall ill with a bacterial infection the first thing I do is giving them a tablet of Amoxicillin. The medication removes all the symptoms in a matter of minutes.
— George T., South Columbus
I work as a general practitioner and I often have to give answers to seemingly simple questions like 'how to treat urinary infection' or 'what to give to a sick child to make him feel better'. However every situation is unique and there is no universal remedy for all types of disorders. But when it comes to antibiotics I usually prefer to prescribe my patients with Amoxicillin tablets. This drug is very effective and comparatively safe for both kids and grown-ups. I usually get positive reviews on this medication because it works almost instantly and the symptoms disappear, it prevents repeated contamination and it causes no addiction syndrome. So, if you have to deal with bacterial infections like bronchitis, urinary tract infection, sore throat, or any other bacteria-caused disorders, I would recommend you to try out Amoxicillin tablets, of course after a consultation with your doctor.

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