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6 Useful Recommendations to Preventing ED

6 Useful Recommendations to Preventing ED

There is a universally recognized axiom: any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. For many men, maintaining healthy erectile function is a priority. However, not everyone knows the right methods to prevent the development of this insidious disorder.

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous bad habit that sooner or later leads to cardiovascular diseases, which in turn are associated with erectile dysfunction.

According to a study by K.T. McVary, S. Carrier, and H. Wessells (The Journal of Urology, 2011), smoking may increase risks of moderate or complete ED 2-fold.

Every time you smoke a cigarette, your blood vessels are stressed. Remember, healthy vessels are the key to normal erectile function.

Stop Drinking

People often take alcohol before sex because it helps to relax and become more relaxed. Small dosages of alcohol can really help before sexual intercourse. But over consumption often worsens an erection and full sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

Moreover, alcohol abuse was associated with a decrease in testosterone, the main ‘male hormone’ or the ‘King’ of male
hormones. Therefore, if you have problems with self-control and you can’t stop after the first glass, it is better to give up alcoholic beverages altogether.

Be Physically Active, Go in For Sports

Exercise improves blood flow throughout the body, including the genital area. They also help the body cleanse itself of toxins and other harmful substances. If you are new to sports, start with mild to moderate activities, then you can gradually move to intense training and workouts with large weights. Your goal is to have minimum 30 min of activity at least 4-5 days of the week.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Increased weight and obesity have been associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and impotence. Therefore, try to maintain a healthy weight and BMI (body mass index). If you already have excess weight, consult with your doctor or nutritionist about how to properly and safely get rid of it. It is harmful to completely refuse food, the so-called ‘grapefruit’ or ‘yogurt’ diets can also be dangerous for you.

Eat Properly

You are what you eat. Improper nutrition is the cause of a huge number of diseases. The main principles of good nutrition have been formulated by the WHO (World Health Organization). It is recommended that you eat at least 400g of fruits and vegetables per day (not including starchy roots such as potatoes and sweet potatoes). The basis of the diet should include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, lean meat and fish. Limit intake of sugar and salt. Drink more water (about 2-3 liters per day).

Check Overall Health

Some diseases such as diabetes can lead to erectile dysfunction. For this and other reasons, any disease should be detected at an early stage. For example, diabetes requires early and ongoing treatment, since untreated disease can lead to very dangerous complications.

If you already have erectile dysfunction, you may anyway apply these methods, they will not allow the condition to aggravate and may even relieve symptoms of the condition.

In addition, consider treatment with ED classic solutions:

These medications are safe and well-tolerated, and provide the needed effect in the vast majority of cases.