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— Fleur Branson, Austin
I am a 46 year old female. When I got pregnant with my baby-boy at the age of 28 I didn't expect how everything will turn out for me. The delivery was very difficult for me and there were severe complications for my health, so I needed a blood transfusion. At that time everything seemed to be ok. And it took me almost 20 years to find out that I got infected with Hep C virus during that transfusion. I discovered it when undergoing a detailed health screening and tests, as I was feeling worse and worse day after day. I thought I had some disease but I was not ready to find out that I have been having the disease since my son was born. Why is life so ridiculously cruel giving you the greatest happiness and at the same day blowing you hard in the back. Immediately after I was diagnosed my doctor put me on Ribavirin and now I feel considerably better. I heard about horrible side effects from other meds, so I don't know if it is good or bad that I didn't start my treatment earlier, as I could just as well spent a couple years in pain and despair. I hope to get cured one day, but now I am already grateful for the medication that brought me back hope and belief. In my case there is nothing negative about Ribavirin, only positive dynamics and relief.
— Freddie M., ND
I have had genotype 2 of Hepatitis C for about three years and during this time I have tried many different medications. Well, probably not that many, but enough to understand the true value of a quality Hep C treatment. Now it's been 5 weeks since I am on Ribaverin and I am happy to say that my hepatitis virus is no longer detectable according to the latest blood tests. This is the first time when I observe such great progress in treatment. When on other meds there were only small changes for the better and sometimes they were accompanied by severe side effects. I remember one drug that drove me naturally crazy - I had nausea and insomnia, shaking hands in the morning and vomiting. I can't imagine what else could be added to make my condition even worse. Ribavirin is a blessing for me! Such an effective medication for such a serious health issue and no side effects! I wish I knew about this medication before in order not to torture myself and not to waste time. I hope my testimonial helps at least someone to avoid the mistakes I've made and make the Hep C treatment less painful and troublesome.
— Ian Cole, Toronto
It was my second Hepatitis C treatment. It started in March and ended just about a week ago. This time I was on Ribavirin and last time I was on some other medication, it was so bad that I did my best to forget everything connected with it. It not only brought no results, but also ruined my immune system and nervous system as well, as the side effects were naturally unbearable. I was destroyed by fatigue, insomnia, diarrhea and dizziness. Everything I ate would in this or that way in half an hour. I lost lots of weight and health. That is why I was really reluctant to start another course of treatment but my fellow patients told me so many positive stories about Ribavirin that I gave up and allowed my doctor to talk me into the treatment. Now I am happy I did so 'cause Ribavirin brought me so close to recovery that I can't understand why they couldn't put me on Ribavirin at once. Why did I have to suffer those long months on the other medication? Anyway now I am happy and full of optimism. My Hep C is almost undetectable and I know that another course of treatment will make me a healthy person. And I recommend Ribavirin to other Hep C sufferers.

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