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— BrigittaNilson, Chicago
I have used Rulide for many times to treat my kids? bacterial infections and it is always very effective for the purpose. Last month my elder son had a bad throat infection. It all started as simple cold, he had mild fever and fatigue, I gave him natural remedies only like hot tea with honey and some oil ointment. But in a couple of days he developed horrible dry cough, he could not sleep at night and was weak and passive. I called our family doctor, he told me to give him some cough syrup and antibiotics but in two more days my boy started complaining of bad pain in his throat and soon he was unable to eat anything but liquid stuff. I took him to the doctor and he diagnosed us with acute pharyngitis and tonsillitis. He told me to start Rulide treatment course as the condition was very bad and there was a risk of complication that could result in a surgery. I was frightened to death by the surgery risk as the boy is only 9 years old. Luckily Rulide was exactly the medication that we needed. In less than 2 days is relieved the throat pain and my son started eating. That was a significant change as his body required more strength and energy to resist the illness. In a week the cough started fading away. My son still coughs from time to time, but doctor said it is ok, as cough is very difficult to treat quickly. The most important thing is that the infection was suppressed and now there is no risk to develop complications. I am very grateful for the medication to the people who have created it.
— Ruth Harmsworth, MA
Rulideis a wonderful antibiotic for treatment of bad ear, throat and nose infections. I have heard many positive reviews on this medication from my colleagues who have kids. Children with their unwillingness to wear scarfs and to button up their coats are extremely prone to bacterial infections in cold months. I had experienced its effectiveness on myself when last winter I had to work in a poorly heated office and gradually developed acute bronchitis. I was too busy to pay attention to the disease at its initial stage when it was still easy to cope with it. Igot worried only when I was no longer able to answer my phone calls because all the sounds I could reproduce was sharp cough and choking. I am 56 years of age and my body is no longer young enough to easily resist infections. Bronchitis is a dangerous condition for elderly people and when mistreated it can result in severe consequences and complications. However my doctor is young and full of energy, he was not lazy to explain me what could happen if I do not observe his instructions. I was so frightened that that very evening I ordered Rulide from this online drug store and started taking it according to the doctor's prescription. It took the medication 10 days to relieve the major symptoms and about a month to help me forget about the unbearable cough at night. Now I know what to do in case of a bacterial infection.
— Beatrice Walkins, Idaho falls
Last winter my brother got caught by a snow storm when his car got stuck in the middle of a dense forest. He works as a forest ranger in Canada. He was so unlucky that evening that his cell phone ran down as well. He spent the night in his car waiting for someone to arrive. The car was easily repaired afterwards and the phone was charged again, but my brother developed pneumonia after that night and the doctors were even worried about his life. But luckily he was out on Rulide which soon brought him back to life. I have also checked out this medication when about two years ago I had tonsillitis. Rulide is very good at fighting against bacterial infections. My brother spent 10 days in the hospital but now he's absolutely healthy and full of his usual energy and vigor. All thanks to Rulide!

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